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COVID-19 Community Response: Emerging Themes Across Sentinel Communities

A COVID-19 Synthesis Report, released in July 2021, summarizes the yearlong path that nine of these communities traveled with respect to COVID-19 vaccination, health and well-being, economic recovery, equitable housing, and in-person schooling.

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The Conversation/La Conversación

Latinx doctors, nurses and promotoras provide facts and dispel misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines.

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New Campaign Seeks to Address Black Communities’ Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines

Black people are much more likely than other Americans to contract, be hospitalized for, and die from COVID-19. A new campaign, THE CONVERSATION: Between Us, About Us, is aiming to bridge the information gap between Black communities and trusted health experts.

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Latest Resources

What Eliminating Barriers to Interstate Telehealth Taught Us During the Pandemic

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all states and the federal government approved unprecedented flexibilities that significantly aided the response to the crisis by expanding telehealth, bolstering care in underserved areas, increasing access to mental health services, and importantly, providing some relief for overstressed hospitals and health systems losing health care workers. Now, as temporary waivers in most states are expiring, this publication describes opportunities to apply lessons learned to bring long-term benefits to the health care system.

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New York State Health Foundation Brief Examines Food Scarcity’s Influence on Mental Health

A new issue brief authored by the New York State Health Foundation, “Food Scarcity’s Influence on Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic in New York State,” builds of previous analyses foundation analyses that documented increased rates of poor mental health and food scarcity among New York residents. Using national research as the basis, this new report explores the association between experiencing food scarcity and poor mental health during the pandemic.

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The Path to Achieving Health Equity Begins with The Data

As we work towards a more just and equitable future, we must ensure that we have the data needed to measure the things we are trying to improve. It is no longer acceptable to say we do not know.

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The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation: October 2021

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation recently released a new report, “Opening the Door to Behavioral Health Open Access in Massachusetts: A Look at the Experience and Opportunities to Support Implementation.”

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Now is the Time: Acting Today Will Ensure We Have A Strong Health Workforce Tomorrow

The need to develop and implement a comprehensive integrated plan to address our health workforce grows stronger every day. As some communities experience their highest COVID-19 case rate since the start of the pandemic, with providers and public health workers stretched to the breaking point, we must also devote time and resources to ensure that we have a highly trained, diverse health care and public health workforce to meet our future health needs.

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