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Addressing the Urgency of Youth Mental Health

This webinar will unpack some of the issues our youth are facing and uplifting ways that philanthropy can take action to support youth mental health, especially in ways that are culturally responsive and center collective healing.

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Public Health Modernization: How Funders Can Support Health Departments to Advance Health Equity

This webinar explored how health funders can advance health equity by supporting governmental public health and collaborating with health departments.

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The Long View: New Year, New Practices

Co-designed by the Rippel Foundation and Grantmakers In Health, this webinar featured Cassie Robinson, a futurist and philanthropic leader who works, as she describes it, in the “entanglement of what-is and what-might-be.”

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Disability Justice: What Funders Can Do to Address Disparities, Equity, and Health

This webinar explored innovative measures to address how philanthropy can advance disability justice and how grassroots organizations are helping to change the national dialogue on disability, health equity, and race.

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Roundtable Discussion for Funders with Limited Assets

Foundations with assets less than $30 million face unique challenges as they seek to maximize their impact in the communities they serve. At this informal networking session, peers had a robust conversation around the most important issues.

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Rural Health Care Workforce: Urgent Challenges and Promising Opportunities

This webinar started with an update on rural health care workforce challenges and opportunities which led to an in-depth discussion about philanthropy’s engagement in filling gaps and supporting communities.

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Racial Inequities in Medical Debt: Causes and Potential Solutions

This discussion covered viewpoints on the problem of medical debt, the people most at risk, and potential points of engagement for philanthropy.

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Health Equity Starts with the Data

This webinar featured a dive into the findings and a discussion on the reports’ recommendations for improving health equity data and to discuss how philanthropy can help ensure that we can effectively monitor progress towards achieving health equity.

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The Long View: FORESIGHT in Philanthropy

In order to meet this moment, The Rippel Foundation has launched a series of informative and interactive webinars for funders. The first call in the series, was codesigned by Grantmakers In Health, and we heard from futurist Richard Lum of Vision, Foresight, Strategy. Dr. Lum led a conversation on how foundations can orient their work towards an equitable horizon, and what practices can begin to bridge to this future. Participants finished the hour with an understanding of how to assess where they are today plus how to marshal the resources and will to begin building more equitable and innovative pathways.

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Centering Health and Racial Equity: It’s an Inside Job

This webinar explored long-term plans, promising processes, and lessons learned in centering equity and racial justice at their foundations.

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Affordable Housing and Health: Long-Term Solutions

This webinar explored innovative measures to address how The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated housing insecurity for millions of Americans who have faced the risk of eviction, foreclosure, and homelessness due to job loss, medical debt, and illness over the past year and a half.

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