Why Brighter Dawns?

Why Brighter Dawns

Our Philosophy

Brighter Dawns strives to lessen local health disparities through a holistic model of preventative care and health education through local measures. We aim to engage all members of the community ranging from local leaders to children to have a flexible, lasting and effective impact on health conditions through the use of surveys, and extensive international partnerships.


Our Methods

We take a five-tier approach to addressing health issues in Bangladesh:

1. Understand the issue firsthand

2. Assess the level and characteristics of need

3. Work with the target community to develop solutions

4. Strategically implement these solutions, and

5. Evaluate impact.

We work with the community to create long-term, sustainable programs that will address the issues they find to be most important. Each project we undertake follows this five-tier process, allowing us to bring better health services to people in the slums of Bangladesh.


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