Testimonials from the people

To keep our projects relevant to the people of Ward 12, we asked some of our seminar attendees what they thought of our efforts so far. Here’s how one of them responded:



My loving Tasmia Apu:

Take my salam. Hope you are doing well by the grace of Almighty.  I always pray to Allah so that He keeps you safe..

The help you have provided us visiting Bangladesh can not be explained in words. On behalf of all of us, we express our thanks and heartfelt love to your organization “Brighter Dawn”.  We never had received this kind of help from any one before. It taught us the humanity and moral in human again by providing the simple necessity of human life—water and a clean sanitary pad.

The tube well for drinking water is so helpful to us.  No longer have we needed to face the hardship to go long distances for fetching the drinking water.


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