My Summer Experience with Brighter Dawns

by Fahad Quazi

It’s an amazing experience to work with Brighter Dawns. I was born in Bangladesh but unfortunately I have seen the hard-working people but never had a chance to visit the slums personally. Brighter Dawns helped me to meet with people in slums and their stories have a huge impact in my life. People who are living in the slum are very helpful and their experiences faced daily are so different from us. They almost fight each day but still they try living a life very meaningful and all are very happy in whichever situation they are living. Of course some have complains but they still try to cope each day with happiness. Their stories really touch my heart and I’m grateful to Brighter Dawn for just an amazing journey. I hope and pray that I can keep on working on via of Brighter Dawns and try to touch the heart of people in slums.

Brighter Dawns campaign helped a lot of people who have no knowledge about how to live a hygienic life. Brighter Dawn goal is to spread knowledge about living a healthy life. We try to know about people needs and work accordingly. They were facing difficulties of getting water and Brighter Dawns solved their problems by installing tube well and also latrine for cleaning environment. We try to setup few seminars with the help of some experts and attending those seminars was just a beautiful moment of my life. Children in the seminar were so happy to see us. Our guidance towards the children was a big impact to their life. The experts were giving knowledge about hygiene and how to have clean hands. Their acceptance to the topic was so lovely and also they contribute accordingly. We also setup women seminar and all took time off from their family chores to attend it. They were all ready to gain knowledge about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Within the short time they are punctual and their contribution towards our discussion was accepted by all them and some even said to continue their lifestyle as far they can after knowing about hygiene and the benefits of keeping oneself clean.

I got a chance to visit Ward 12, 13 and 15 in Khalishpur, Khulna.  Mainly in Ward 12, I have experience people living there are not speaking Bengali. They are speaking Urdu and Bengali mix. So, I ask a family aren’t you guys are Bengali. They said our family is Bengali but people living here are mostly Bihar and their language is Urdu. So, living with them we are used to speak in Urdu. Bihar are people mainly living in Bangladesh who didn’t leave Bangladesh after the Independence.

It’s good to see that Brighter Dawns is helping whoever in needs but not only Bengali people.  These sorts of experiences I never faced in my life before though I lived in Bangladesh for a long time. Through Brighter Dawns I keep on gaining more and more experiences and it is just making me feel proud about the initiative we took to help people and survey their wants and needs.

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